Transformed kids and a chance to DOUBLE your year end giving!

Emma was a kid that had a vision for her friends and this summer 93 of them heard the best news anyone could ever hear! They are LOVED by their Creator!
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This has been a year of celebration!  I have the privilege of saying THANK YOU for impacting lives all over our community.  During the holidays last year, we asked you to step out in faith by getting involved through volunteering, praying and financially giving.  Many of you did that very thing and the results have been nothing short of a miracle.   When time, talent and treasure are offered to the Lord, He uses it.  We asked you to begin the year by helping us reach a $20,000 “Match” campaign for the mission o​f Young Life in our Area.  Your efforts began the catalyst leading to some pretty exciting and eternal results!
Here are just a few of the many highlights:
   63 students said YES to an adventure with Jesus at Camp
   33 Student Leaders are actively sharing their faith with peers and younger students
   11 New Adult Leaders have joined teams across the Area
   8 Active or “building” clubs - Sumner, Bonney Lake, Puyallup, Emerald Ridge, Aylen, Kalles, YoungLives and Capernaum
   The addition of Annie Leon, Staff Associate, focusing on ministry at PHS
ALL of these highlights are miracles for sure & here is what we are praying for in 2018:
   NEW Clubs for Rogers High School and Edgemont Jr. High - in process now
   3 New part-time staff people with a focus on NEW and expanded ministry
   The addition of a discipleship focus for Leaders and students across the Area
   A much-needed Young Life House remodel
   Our 50th Anniversary Celebration April 24th - which you are invited to attend!
I am incredibly grateful to celebrate what the Lord has done and thankful for His vision for the communities represented in Greater Puyallup.  To accomplish these new ministries and support what is currently happening, I’m asking you to consider renewing your commitment or joining us with a new pledge of time, talents and treasures.
Our “Match” founders from last year loved what happened so much that they volunteered to not only to do it again, but increase their pledge!  That’s right, a DOLLAR-FOR-DOLLAR MATCH ON ALL YEAR END DONATIONS UP TO $25,000!!  This will include all new or increased monthly and one-time pledges.  All pledges are critical, but a monthly pledge is the life blood of funding in an Area.  For example, your $50 a month pledge becomes $100 a month for one year.  Your doubled gift this year turns fundraising time into direct ministry time.  It will go a long way toward helping kids all over Greater Puyallup meet Jesus...most for the first time!                                                                                                                         
May the TRUE gift of this holiday season reside in your hearts and homes!​ 
Year End Donation Progress

 ​​​To give this year simply click on the GIVE tab above and your gift will be DOUBLED


As we look to the future we ask that you would join us in prayer for the new ministries God will lead us to.


Crazy strangers cheered and greeted me as I made my way through the doors at Aylen Junior High. It was a Monday night of my 7th grade journey and my good pals invited me to this thing known as Young Life. I wasn't sure what to expect but I walked through those doors and immediately wondered what I was getting myself into. No amount of preparation could've prepared me for the life-changing experiences I would have with that rambunctious, yet welcoming, group of people.

When people ask me what Young Life is, I always find myself wanting to ramble about the beauty of Young Life. However I realized people tend to get lost when I’m talking a million miles per hour. It’s difficult to shorten a description about something you love when you believe no words can ever amount to the value and power found in Young Life. Eventually I learned that the easiest way to explain it is: It is my second family. I’ve learned some of my most precious lessons through YL and the connections I’ve made while being involved. I came to Young Life not knowing who God is, nor what He has done. However, like a family, Young Life has been there for me through every step and every struggle. I now know Jesus and I will forever be grateful for the opportunities and experiences I've had because of people like you that keep Young Life here.

A specific time that helps me describe Young Life’s beauty is my experience with being able to show others Jesus. A childhood friend of mine was recently going through a rough patch in life and I felt a strong desire to do everything I could to help him. His father committed suicide and I knew I had to reach out to him and his mother. I needed to make sure he'd get the chance to come to Camp. Young Life Camp was one of the best experiences of my life and I knew it would be a positive experience for him too. So I made it my mission to convince Sam* to come to Camp. I called his mother almost everyday, updating her with how much money we raised for Sam, I texted him Malibu videos at least three times a week, and I introduced him to someone I knew could relate to and help him, Sean Tangen. From then on, I trusted God to pave Sam’s path to Him through Young Life.

During Camp I had the privilege to witness God take control of his life and firsthand see the workings of our good Lord. Sam took an incredible amount of confidence and direction home from Camp and I will forever feel grateful for being a part of his journey. I have to thank you and Young Life, not only for being the reason I got to witness a life changed through God firsthand, but for taking in Sam, just like they did me. So when a stranger wonders what Young Life is, I'll simply explain it as a family. After all, family should mean no one gets left behind.

Merry Christmas,








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